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Wolf Bay is the birth of multi-instrumentalist, producer, and song-writer, Dean Passarella.

He captures vulnerability and delivers it with smooth, sultry vocals layered over a bed of deep melodic grooves. Dean sings from the depths and tells stories with raw honesty and passion. Marrying his love for melodic guitar lines and heart-aching lyrics, Wolf Bay vibrates with truth, vulnerability, and soul.


Dean cut his teeth in Nashville, TN where he attended Belmont University. While attending college, Dean began making a name for himself around town. Sharing the stage with artists and musicians such as Vince Gill, Brent Mason, and Chase Rice

Dean's background in music began long before the move to Nashville. "I grew up in a very musical family. My parents played in a band together. It was always such a huge part of my life. They both had drastically different tastes in music, and they encouraged me to keep variety in my own playing."

Wolf Bay_Shakin' You Off_ cover art.jpg

A large factor in Dean's pilgrimage out west was influenced by his love for other genres and all their flavors. "I wanted to branch out of the blues/country world. I absolutely love r&b, funk, soul, jazz,  and even pop." Los Angeles was home to it all, and the perfect foundation for Dean to begin the exploration of his own sonic soundscape. 

Prior to releasing Wolf Bay, Dean was signed to Razor & Tie Records with original band, Mount Holly. They debuted at #32 on the Top 100 iTunes Alternative charts with the release of their debut album, Stride By Stride. Mount Holly's single, "Get Up" was also featured on NOW That's What I Call Music, Vol. 62 and they wrote the title track to Sony/Hasbro Transformers franchise inspired compilation album, Roll Out

Dean continued to play with other local artists in the LA area. He played bass on several tracks from Lauren Ruth Ward's album, "Well, Hell", and spent a majority of 2018 touring the States with Lauren as he continued to prepare the launch of Wolf Bay. 

During the bulk of Dean's musical career, he had a secret. A secret that drastically impacted his musical direction. It kept him silent for a long time. "I was struggling to hide the fact that I was transgender, so my solo music also remained tucked away from the public eye. I finally had the courage to come out in 2018 and released my first debut single, Under The Moon, around the same time." Under The Moon was engineered and mixed by Cassidy Turbin, engineer/mixer of Beck's "Colors". 

Accepting himself allowed Dean to stand on a platform that was authentically his. It gave him a foundation to finally share the music that he had kept so close to his heart. "I was no longer afraid of people finding out through my music. The cat was out of the bag and the music seemed to rush out of my body the moment I released myself. It was quite liberating."

Now, with nothing to hold him back and nothing to hide, Wolf Bay is celebrating the release of his second single, "Shakin' You Off". Written, engineered, and produced by Dean Passarella. Mixed by Doug Walters, LA based music producer. (DJ Khaled, Trippie Redd, US Royalty).

Wolf Bay's second single is a sexy, smooth dance track that conveys two perspectives on the empowering decision to let someone go. 

 It captures that moment when you finally realize that you are no longer held captive by another person and their promises, whether that encompasses a split with your ex or finally moving on from a rebound that you are just not that into.

It's full of sultry vocal melodies and groovy bass lines that will make you want to lean back into the beat and chill. 

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